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Formula Earth Drops is a grassroots botanical company specializing in CBD oils, therapeutic plant oils and herbal extracts for health and healing. We formulate and produce organic, all natural, plant based products with careful and precise attention on quality and potency. We have made sure to source the richest and purest ingredients available to us. Our pure CBD oils are sourced from organic industrial hemp farms out of Colorado. All high grade U.S. grown industrial hemp. The quality is in our products and it keeps our customers returning for more. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the quality or extraction process of our products. 
What is CBD?
CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol which is one of many useful and healing compounds of the cannabis plant. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in many forms and is now commonly being used as a medicine. CBD is known to have many therapeutic benefits and healing properties. It is rapidly being recognized as an acceptable and effective way to alleviate many ailments such as chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress, PTSD, epilepsy, nuerological disorders, eating and sleeping disorder, chemotherapy side-effects in cancer patients, and even addiction issues. The extensive research and positive case study results are increasing as while more CBD products are being introduced to the health and wellness market every day. CBD is a non psychoactive compound so therefore it has become extremely desirable for its healing properties to a wide range of consumers who are open to the benefits of the cannabis or hemp plant but do not want to get high. 
What is CBD Oil?
CBD Oil is one of many forms of CBD. Formula Earth Drops products are made with pure organic CBD oil. CBD can also come in other liquid and solid forms such as water, powder, wax, and resin to name a few. Formula Earth Drops produces CBD oil tinctures for oral consumption as well as other CBD infused products. A tincture of oil will have a potency amount in mg and a fluid amount in milliliters or ounces. You are paying for potency. Formula Earth Drops offers 3 different ingestible oil tinctures with 3 different potencies. 500 mg/1oz bottle, 750 mg/ 15 ml bottle, and 1500 mg/1oz bottle
What does it do?
CBD or Cannabidiol is rapidly being recognized as a reasonable and accepted therapy for many different ailments and dis-ease. Research shows the positive effects CBD has on the body and how it has the ability to help reduce pain and inflammation, calm the nervous system, stimulate new cell growth as well as encourage a healthy immune system. CBD is most commonly used in epileptic patients, for chronic pain and inflammation, and cancer. It also been shown to help with psychological disorders such as with anxiety, depression, and addiction. 
How does it work?
CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids bind to receptors throughout the nervous system that effect the body. These receptors are called cannabinoid receptors and make up the endocannabinoid system that is throughout the body and brain. There are 2 types of cannabinoid receptors in the body CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are in the brain where the CB2 receptors are in the body. This complex system is involved with the regulation of mood, sleep, appetite, memory, pain, and much more. CBD binds directly to the CB2 receptors to create healing benefits. 
What is the dosage?
The dosage is pretty complex and may seem a bit confusing to start but with in any case less is more. All of Formula Earth Drops tinctures are for oral ingestible application under the tongue for at least 60 seconds. The starting recommended dosage for Formula Earth Drops tinctures is about 5 drops. In our 500 mg bottle that is 1 ounce the one drop is approximately 1 mg. So that means 5 drops is about 5 mg. In our higher concentrate 750mg and 1500mg bottles of CBD one drop is approximately 2.5mg so 5 drops would be about 12.5mg, 10 drops would be about 25mg and 20 drops would be about 50mg. Your average consumer will most likely not take more than 50 mg per day unless it is needed. A 1 oz bottle is 30 milliliters, there are about 20 drops in each milliliter. That is approximately 600 drops in a one ounce bottle. so the 1500mg bottle would be a 30 day supply of 50 mg per day. The 750 mg would be a 30 day supply of 25 mg per day, and the 500 mg would be a 30 supply of about 16 mg per day.  Please contact with any questions you may have! 
How do I know what to buy?
The CBD industry has blown up in the past two years. The market is completely flooded with CBD products of all kinds and it is becoming more mainstream every day, so the biggest question for the consumer would be "how do I know what to buy?" That is not an easy question to answer because of all the different products on the market. CBD is sold in many forms by the milligram. You are paying for potency in the product. Regardless of how it comes...oil, tincture, capsule etc. the dosage or the milligram is what you are paying for. Now with that being said CBD is being produced all over the world now so quality is what you want to look for. The quality of the product naturally varies based on the crafters, production process, size, and values of the manufacturer. Most of the the pure high quality commercial grade CBD is being manufactured in the Unites States at this time and are most likely coming from Colorado or Kentucky. A serious consumer would look at these variables before purchasing. 
How is it made?
CBD is extracted through different processes from the Cannabis or Hemp plant. All of Formula Earth Drops CBD is extracted through a CO2 extraction process that is the cleanest, most effective, and most recommended way of processing a quality plant oil.  So basically it a high pressure CO2 extraction that is then emulsified into a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil. 
Why is it so expensive? 
The CO2 extraction process is very expensive but the most efficient and clean way to extract and process CBD, so there is cost in this. Then there is the commercial cultivation, growth, and production of large crops of any kind and the expense that goes along with that especially when it involves the extraction of plant compounds. But the fact that the market industry is fairly new and there has been a huge influx in demand deems companies an opportunity for larger sales margins. Like with most consumer products the quality is in the cost. 
Formula Earth Drops are not intended to substitute, treat, or cure any medications or diseases. Please consult a physician if you have any medical concerns.
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